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Man intentionally throws up on officer during arrest | Crime

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Man intentionally throws up on officer during arrest
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New Port Richey, Fla. -- A 21-year-old New Port Richey man figured since he was going to jail anyways he'd show the officer just how mad he was, by throwing up on him.

According to the report, Corey Trabucco was riding his bicycle through Mendocino Street when he was overheard by a resident talking on the phone about selling drugs.

The witness told police she saw Trabucco ride by around 6 p.m. saying he would be out front of the home he was later found at. A few hours later, the woman passed the home and again she said she overheard Trabucco talking on the phone about selling drugs. The witness, concerned about him selling to kids in the neighborhood, called police.

The officer arrived to find Trabucco in the front lawn on a laptop. Trabucco told the officer he was there to use the Internet. During a pat down, the officer found a prescription bottle containing 20 Percocet pills. Trabucco eventually admitted he didn't have a prescription for the pills and was placed under arrest.

While enroute to the detention center, Trabucco put his face up against the screen, made himself gag and threw up on the officer's shoulder, head, and ear.

When the officer asked why he did it he said, "I'm going to jail anyway."

Trabucco is being charged with Trafficking in Controlled Substance, Possession of Controlled without Script, and Aggravated Battery on LEO.

Crime, Weird

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