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Inmate scanner results
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Inmate scanner results

Pasco County, Florida -- The proof is in the pictures! Over the last five months, inmates booked into the Land O' Lakes jail have been searched thoroughly, but not the typical pat downs and strip searches we are used to seeing.

These are actual images of inmates being booked into the Pasco County jail using a new scanner machine called, The RadPRO SecurPASS. The technology was the first to be utilized on the Tampa Bay area inmates.

The results released out of Pasco County Sheriff's Office indicate that this new inmate scanner machine is an effective tool at reducing the introduction of illegal contraband into the jail.

In the first picture, you can see a metal window punch in the inmate's shoe. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office also released this second image of a woman who has something secured in her lower abdomen.

The strip search yielded a metal pill bottle that was inside her vagina containing 2.5 Xanax bars. She was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

The scanner also resulted in the capture of the following 19 items concealed in footwear, clothing and body cavities:

  • 15 drug/paraphernalia items
  • 1 tongue piercing
  • 1 knife/set of keys
  • 1 shotgun shell
  • 1 window punch

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