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This ''spice'' is bad for neighborhoods | Crime

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This ''spice'' is bad for neighborhoods

Land O'Lakes, Florida - Just one-year-old, little Baylor DeBoskey loves his outdoor walks and today his mom is thankful that they both weren't just a few doors down Tuesday evening when an explosion rocked the neighborhood.

"It scared us," says Kristin DeBoskey. "It made us think that God was watching out for us."

The blast at 24349 Breezy Oak Court left a garage and portions of the attached home in shambles. The explosion was so big, that witnesses say the garage door landed across the street.

"It was pretty big; it shook the ground," says DeBoskey, who was outside at the time.

Sheriff's investigators say someone was using the garage as a lab for making synthetic marijuana or what's commonly called "spice." Acetone, a flammable solvent, is just one of the chemicals found at the scene.

Investigators are not identifying a man at the house who was burned and hospitalized, but Pasco Sheriff Chris Nocco was unsympathetic toward his injuries.

"This guy was not a chemistry student trying to help better the world. He wasn't trying to cure cancer," Nocco said during a Wednesday media briefing. "This guy was trying to destroy families for greed."

Some people in the neighborhood say they did notice unusual activity at the rental house -- a lot of cars and kids coming and going -- and Nocco says that's the very type of thing that should be reported.

"We don't want you to get involved, we don't want you to take action. But we want those tips," he said.

On Wednesday, a steady stream of the curious came to look at the damage. Joanne Branham, a mom of three, is shocked by the thought of such danger going on behind a garage door.

"You just want to be careful with something like this and be vigilant," she said.

A day after the blast, Kristin DeBoskey wore a t-shirt with the words "Peace and Harmony," but this spice spectacle in her own neighborhood has all but destroyed any of that.

"It's terrifying," she says. 


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