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Children learn lesson on stranger danger! | News

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Children learn lesson on stranger danger!
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Children learn lesson on stranger danger!

Lutz, Florida -- Do you remember when you were a kid and you were taught never to take candy from strangers? Nowadays, it is beyond this one simple lesson.

Let's face it, with the internet and 24-hour news channels, the dangers our children are presented with seems to be lurking around every corner. It is more important than ever for our children to be well-informed beyond the simple candy lure.

On March 21, Lutz Preparatory School's P.T.A. did just that by presenting Stranger Danger and Other Safety Tips.

The program, presented by trained professionals of The Escape School out of Plant City, taught kids how to differentiate between good and bad strangers; the common lures abductors use, how to get away right away and how to find help when needed.  In addition, presenters enlisted the aid of kids from the audience to demonstrate the techniques. 

Students ages 3-11 participated.

The presentation came just a couple of months after cameras captured the attempted abduction of a 7-year-old girl at an Atlanta area Walmart.

The Florida Highway Patrol was also on hand with its Crash Simulator to stress the importance of car seat/ seatbelt safety.  In addition, the officer explained why kids should not ride in the front seat of a moving vehicle until they've reached a certain height and weight.

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