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Feds arrest Pasco gun shop owner | News

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Feds arrest Pasco gun shop owner

NEW PORT RICHEY, Florida --The feds raided a Pasco gun store Wednesday, shut it down, and arrested the owner following a 10 Investigators undercover investigation of the owner.

Our investigation of Gary Galati started this past summer when we sent undercover producers into his gun shop for training necessary to get a concealed weapons permit. We found him breaking the law on that statute; the feds found much more.

In November, Galati told 10 News, "I would not knowingly break the law."

However, when we pointed out he had run into problems with the law in the past and had been arrested, he told us, "If you're going to crucify me, you might as well turn the camera a off and walk out the door."

Wednesday morning, agents from the ATF, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, raided Galati's store and arrested him. Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Tampa Office Delano Reid said Galati was arrested on charges of Illegal Sale and Distribution of Firearms.

10 News learned there are several counts to the indictment and Galati faces several years in federal prison.

You might recall Galati is the same man who certified our undercover producers had passed a gun safety course needed to get a concealed weapons license if they answered three questions. According to our producer, Tony D'Astoli, the questions Galati asked were:

"Are you a Florida resident?"

"Do you have 60 dollars in cash?"

"Are you white?"

D'Astoli said that's all Galati cared about. And when we confronted Galati, he insisted he was running a legitimate gun shop and not breaking the law.

The ATF said it got a tip from concerned citizens about Galati. Sources tell 10 News the agency conducted a forensic audit in June, and that paperwork didn't match up with the guns being bought and sold. If this is true, it could mean Galati sold guns used to commit crimes, and police never would have been able to trace them.


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