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Why do they call it that? A holiday trip to Elf-ers | News

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Why do they call it that? A holiday trip to Elf-ers

In the spirit of the season, there's a town right next door to Holiday, Florida with its own name fit for the holidays. It's Elf... ers. Get it? Elfers!

Why do they call it Elfers?

When you look back at the story of the place they call Elfers, you'll find that its name won't involve Santa's helpers. 

Soon after the Seminoles were chased out of here, two fellas named Baillie in history appear.

Historic photos of Elfers, FL

The Baillies built houses to shelter their beds, while visions of wilderness danced in their heads.

Many ma's in their kerchiefs and dads in their caps built a small town here, 'bout one hundred years back. 

But in this Pasco town lingered one pressing matter: There was no easy way to get delivered a letter!

A new post office would get mail here in a flash! 

They'd need a postmaster and they'd need one fast. 

"I'll do it!" volunteered Levi Eiland. "I swear!"

"But we'll need a new name for this town we all share."

Then the town held a drawing. The winner'd gain fame by being the one who'd give the town its new name.

They reached into a hat, and the name they plucked out left everyone stunned -- jaws wide open, no doubt!

The wife of the man who'd become the postmaster? She was selected for this prize, so sought after!

Frieda Eiland, who'd live to be 97 years old, got to name this here town, so she picked one that's bold. 

Elfers! She exclaimed as she smiled with delight!  It's the maiden name of my mother and it just sounds quite right.

Why do they call it that? Now you know.

If you're a fan of our "Why do they call it that?" series, please mark your calendars!

Grayson Kamm will be talking about "Why do they call it that?" in a live presentation next month at the Tampa Bay History Center. He'll share some of the best stories he's covered in the series.

It's Thursday, January 10th at 6:30 p.m. at the Tampa Bay History Center, right next to the Tampa Bay Times Forum in Downtown Tampa.

It's free and open to everyone.


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