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Group helps pets and their owners | News

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Group helps pets and their owners

Port Richey, Florida -- Andy Van Scoyoc adores her own five cats and she can't imagine a day without them.

"I've always loved dogs, cats; I had all of the above growing up," says Van Scoyoc, giving one black cat a kiss.

So when Van Scoyoc heard about people falling on hard times and giving up their pets because they couldn't afford food-it broke her heart. 

"There's no way I want someone to have to make that decision, so I decided to help."

And that's when Van Scoyoc and a friend formed the Anti-Surrender Committee. The two women collect pet supplies to distribute to people in need.

On this day, Van Scoyoc brings a bag of cat food to Jim Fox and his cat Scooter. Fox is very ill and on a fixed income, and he says the food donations have helped him hang on to his friend.

"Oh, he's everything to me. He's my little buddy," says Fox, cradling Scooter in his arms. "15 years-he's been with me everywhere I've gone."

The group has a Facebook page, but it is not an official charity. The two friends do not accept cash, but they can always use donations of food, leashes, pet beds and other supplies. You can also email Van Scoyoc at murgaine@gmail.com.

To some folks a box of kibble doesn't seem like much, but to a desperate pet owner, it might as well be gold.

Fox says the program makes "a huge difference-lets you know somebody cares."


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