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Woman brutally murdered, son finds body | News

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Woman brutally murdered, son finds body

Port Richey, Florida-- It was a "bloody brutal scene", that's how detectives describe what they found inside a Port Richey home at 9247 Wolcott Lane early Saturday morning. One of the most disturbing parts in the brutal murder is the fact the victim's 17-year-old son discovered  the body of his 35-year-old mother Kelly Bennett.

Neighbor Michele Deltufo says, "He was trying to help her and save her. It's horrible."

"And he started screaming his mom was dead. I ran outside and they were in very bad shape and he said he came home to find his mother with her throat cut .. and he had blood all over his hands and was trying to help her" said Deltufo.

Steven Clairmont confessed to Pasco Detectives that he killed Bennett. Clairmont had been living with Kelly at the home for about three weeks and was working as a handyman.

Pasco Sheriff Spokesperson Melanie Snow says "Clairmont made a couple of statements that he had killed Bennett. Officials actually had Claremont in custody even before they knew someone was dead, because a neighbor driving by saw Claremont walking down the street covered in blood. She called 911 then they learned about the brutal murder."

Snow adds, "We can't comment on how she was killed but I can tell you it was a very bloody scene, a very horrific scene inside that home. " Snow also says "And I can only imagine how horrific it must have been for her son to come home last night and find his mother like that in the living room."

Murder in Florida is unfortunately common place as there is an average of 3 murders a day in the Sunshine state. In the Tampa Bay area, there is a murder almost every other day. With the  regularity of murders, to some it may become white noise to be tuned out, however that's not the case in the neighborhood where some die from a brutal crime.

Deltufo says, "I'm very shook up. I want to move. The neighborhood is not safe anymore."

While a murder certainly turns a neighborhood and the victim's family upside down, the sad fact is it happens so often and many have become accustomed to it. Many people don't give it a second thought and just don't care.


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