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Are these crumbling balconies safe? | News

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Are these crumbling balconies safe?

Holiday, Florida -- What a difference a day makes. 

Within 24 hours, balconies at the Park at Barrington Place went from buckling to built up with scaffolding.

But, is this enough to save the withering walkways crumbling from water damage at the Holiday apartment complex? Workers could be seen breaking off large chunks of stucco with their bare hands over the last several days.

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Resident Christopher Saccone told 10 News, "Inspectors say it's in danger, but management says it's nothing. I'm caught in the middle. I don't know who to believe."

Another resident admitted, "I've been saying ever since I've moved in that I need to move out!"

It's now Day 3 for residents spending another night at a hotel in Holiday after being evacuated Tuesday in the middle of the night when their building began collapsing. 

And, even though apartment management is footing the hotel bill, residents wonder when they can go home, and if they can, will it be safe?

"It's not safe, then close it and fix it up at least," one mom said.

Apartment management at the Park at Barrington Place is claiming things are safe and sound. But, 10 News went straight to the Pasco County building inspector who released a statement.

Building inspector Tim Moore said, "The building is structurally sound. It's the balconies we are worried about. Chunks of it are falling off. We can't let people on the balconies to get to their apartments. It's not safe. That's the problem."

So far, the engineers hired by the complex have been able to shore up the balconies with scaffolding, but it's still not safe enough, they say, to get in and truly fix the problem. 

County inspectors were on scene this afternoon to check out the progress so far.

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Saccone added, "You mentioned you feel like you're being lied to?  Secrets, lied to, whatever you want to call it.  All I really want is the truth. That's all I really want."

Apartment management says roughly 80 residents can come home now, but inspectors maintain that the balconies remain the problem.


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