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Pasco County school employees get raises | News

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Pasco County school employees get raises
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Pasco County school employees get raises

Pasco County, Florida -- Pasco County Superintendent Kurt Browning and United School Employees Union of Pasco President Lynne Webb announce that the two sides have reached agreement on 2013-2014 contracts for teachers and school-related personnel, providing for salary increases to both units and raising the beginning teacher salary to $37,000.

The agreement further states that the intent is that no newly hired teacher or teacher transferring into the district will receive a salary higher than a currently-employed Pasco teacher with an equivalent number of creditable years.  

As part of their roughly $2,800,000 settlement, SRP employees will receive step increases, and many also will benefit from additional improvements to the SRP salary schedules.  Examples of the SRP raises will not be available until the 30-plus salary schedules are finalized. All SRP will receive raises even though the state did not provide categorical funds like it did for the teachers.

The contracts are contingent upon union member ratification and school board approval, which are scheduled for September.

“My priority has been to settle the salary question as early as possible to assure that our staff receives the pay increases they’ve been waiting six years to get,” said Superintendent Browning.

“We were determined to reward those employees who have stayed loyal to the district over the years – especially during the economic downturn. They’ve earned the right to be paid more than someone who just got hired,” said USEP President Lynne Webb.

In one of the earliest contract settlements in recent memory, the agreement also provides for increases in certain supplements and differentials. The district also will contribute an additional $552,000 towards employee health insurance benefit costs, and continue to pay employee fingerprint retention fees.  In addition, the district will move entirely to direct deposit, eliminating paper checks, effective January 1, 2014.

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