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School board approves first raises in six years | News

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School board approves first raises in six years
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School board approves first raises in six years

Pasco County, Florida -- The District School Board of Pasco County approved employee pay raises at their regular board meeting today following overwhelming approval by teachers and school-related personnel (SRP).

The five board members voted unanimously in favor of the teacher and SRP contracts.  The United School Employees of Pasco (USEP) teachers approved their contract with 96 percent in favor and the school-related personnel approved their contract with 97 percent in favor.

The contracts provide for salary increases ranging from 4.6 percent to 5.6 percent, and increase the beginning teacher salary to $37,000.  The Board also approved raises for administrators of approximately 4 percent and for noninstructional, nonbargaining employees of approximately 4.8 percent.  The pay increases account for the first raises Pasco County Public Schools employees have received in six years.

The almost $9,600,000 in teacher salary increases start with a $580 increase to base salaries for all teachers.  Depending on years of service, a teacher will receive an additional $310 to $1,860 annual increase retroactive to July 1, 2013.

As part of their roughly $2,800,000 settlement, SRP employees will receive step increases, and many also will benefit from additional improvements to the SRP salary schedules.  All SRP will receive raises even though the state did not provide categorical funds like it did for the teachers.

In one of the earliest contract settlements in recent memory, the agreement reached on August 26, also provides for increases in certain supplements and differentials. The district will contribute an additional $552,000 towards employee health insurance benefit costs, as well, and continue to pay employee fingerprint retention fees.  In addition, the district will move entirely to direct deposit, eliminating paper checks, effective January 1, 2014.

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