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Bay area woman in running for Military Spouse of the Year | News

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Bay area woman in running for Military Spouse of the Year

Land O'Lakes, Florida - There's no doubt Deann Marasco would be the perfect Military Spouse of the Year for 2014.

"I'm a proud spouse, military spouse. Yeah, I am. Proud of myself," Deann told 10 News.

This proud wife is campaigning and needs your vote.

"We live this, we know what it's like to be a spouse and take ownership in it. That's why they use this as a platform," she said.

If Deann Marasco's name seems familiar, that's probably because you've heard it before. During Christmas, she asked 10 News for help in getting her husband and hundreds of national guard troops home for the holidays. She told us, "I appreciate everything Channel 10 has done, you brought [this] story to fruition."

Now, this loving spouse needs your help to become the Military Spouse of the Year. She would become a national voice for military spouses and receive extra training to help counsel families. She says she loves helping spouses and relatives during each and every deployment. She even practiced her campaign speech on us.

"Alright my friends of 10 News and all the viewers, it is so important you choose Deann Marasco for military spouse of the year! Thank you so much."

So, why should you vote for Deann? Well, the answer is easy. She dedicates all of her time to helping families during every deployment with everything from arranging overseas phone calls, to doctors appointments, to counseling, She even arranged a makeover for one wife.

Her husband, Patrick, told us, "That's what she's done this whole year, this past year. Not just helping me and my son being gone, but also helping all these other families."

Deann's husband has been in the National Guard for nearly 20 years and says she lives to help others and deserves this honor.

This voting cycle is the first of several. Deann will find out Thursday if she passes the first round. Then, the final voting is in May.

"Let's get down, we're going take it down. I wish everyone luck, but I want to win," she told us.

You can vote for Deann here: http://msoy.militaryspouse.com/vote/


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