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Pasco Sheriff cracks down on pain pill war | News

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Pasco Sheriff cracks down on pain pill war

New Port Richey, Florida - The video is brash as it is shocking, piles of pills and money, everything from Oxycodone to Morphine.

What's worse, the kids behind the camera are showing off and bragging about Pasco County's biggest problem- prescription drugs.

Sheriff Chris Nocco told 10 News, "They are so high it appears on the video that they're proud of work, piles of pills in schools destroying families."

Sheriff Nocco says he knew he had to act quickly.

The pill problem is so bad in Pasco that the county leads the leads the state in prescription drug overdoses. Residents have had enough.

Local pharmacies are being robbed, houses are being broken into, and people are dying.

That's why the sheriff went to the Pasco County Commission Tuesday night with a detailed plan for a pill task force.

Sheriff Nocco sid, "Our citizens are overwhelmed and we are going to fight a hard as we can."

County Commissioner Ted Schrader said, "Obviously, the problem is big in Pasco that the sheriff is trying to get a handle on."

County Commissioner Schrader tells 10 News the $1.3 million proposal was detailed, and they will take a long, hard look at it at the 23 positions proposed for the task force. Something, he says, needs to be done.  

Commissioner Schrader added, "There is a pill mill problem in Pasco, and we need to find the money to support the sheriff to eradicate this and chase bad guys out of Pasco."

The sheriff is looking for a task force to include everything from narcotics detectives to crime analysts and even nurses to help detox inmates who come off the streets high on pills.

The sheriff knows the solution won't come overnight, but he says the problem has got to be addressed because it's not going away.

There are two meetings where you can sound off. One is Sept. 6 in Dade City at the Historic Courthouse at 6:30 p.m. There's also another meeting on Sept. 20 at the County Commission chambers in New Port Richey; it is also at 6:30 p.m.

The task force could start working as soon as Oct. 1.


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