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Target of 10 News Investigations out at Pasco Housing Authority | News

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Target of 10 News Investigations out at Pasco Housing Authority

Dade City, Florida -- The target of a series of a 10 News Investigator reports is now out of a job, and more appear on the way out.

The executive director of the Pasco Housing Authority, Karen Turner, resigned citing medical reasons, but it came after 10 News uncovered allegations of her having sex at the office, padding overtime, and wasting federal dollars.

The chair of the Board, Regina Mirabella, says Turner loves the agency. We asked why she would resign if she loves the agency and Mirabella says it's because they can't get any work done following our stories.

Mirabella says there is nothing wrong with the agency and it has done everything properly.

While the board says there was no problem, HUD auditors came to the office Thursday and, by Friday morning, Turner was out.

We asked Mirabella how she could say the board did a thorough investigation when HUD disagrees. She told us it was because of sensationalism caused by our stories.

While Mirabella had plenty to say, consulting account David Cornwell was tight-lipped about allegations of tax money being spent on parties for employees and gifts. When we asked Cornwell if he breached his fiduciary responsibility by approving public funds for parties and gifts for employees, he walked out of the room and slammed the door in our face.

And while HUD officials are asking Governor Rick Scott to appoint an entirely new board and not reappoint the current members whose terms have expired, they say it is inaccurate to say they are being fired.

Mirabella says the board has done nothing wrong and isn't being fired, but instead being replaced.

The changes delight employees who were fired, like Bryan Clingan, who says he is glad Turner resigned and he would like his job back. Valerie Mooney says essentially the same thing.

However, Mirabella says there is no controversy except for the one created by our stories.


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