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Deputies arrest suspect in double homicide | News

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Deputies arrest suspect in double homicide

Pasco County, Florida -- A Pasco County community is mourning the loss of two of its members.

The bodies of two men, roommates, were found at their home in Holiday Saturday morning off Pleasure Drive and Buena Vista Lane.

They are 56-year old Raymond Rossi and 39-yea-old Jason Heintz.

Around 5:00 p.m. Saturday, deputies announced they arrested 42-year-old Christopher Amy in their deaths. He has been charged with two charges of first degree murder.

The roommates' neighbor, Steven Meyers, did not taken the news of his friends' deaths well. He was closer to Rossi.

"He didn't deserve it," said Meyers to another former neighbor, Damion Butler. "You know he didn't deserve it."

Meyers lived across the street from his life-long friend Rossi.

"I loved him to death," said Meyers. "He was just a good-hearted soul. He really was."

Meyers woke up to yellow crime scene tape surrounding Rossi and Heintz's home on Saturday. The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said Rossi and Heintz were found brutally killed in their home.

"It's been a nightmare all day long," said Meyers.

Steve told 10 News Rossi was a U.S. Marine Corp veteran and a motorcycle accident amputee. Rossi called his roommate his son. Meyers said Heintz was one of two boys that Rossi, in a way, treated as his own children over the years. Meyers also said Rossi often lent a hand to children in need in his neighborhood.

"He took care of two boys who weren't even his, but he does have a daughter," said Meyers.

"He won a lotto ticket once when I worked at the Hess station down the street," explained Butler, who came by to see what happened to his old neighbor who he cared about. "He won $100 and threw me $50. He was like, 'You picked the lotto numbers for me to win.'"

Bulter said Rossi used to share stories about how he lost his leg in the bike accident.

"I feel like he is in a much better place," said Butler. "He has both his legs up there and he's probably back on his bike up there."

Both Butler and Meyers are asking for answers. They want to know if Christopher Amy did this, then why did he do it?

"Right now I'm just going to have to pray," said Meyers.


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