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Family of autistic boy slapped on bus hires Jose Baez | News

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Family of autistic boy slapped on bus hires Jose Baez

Port Richey, Florida -- The family of a child with autism who was slapped by a bus assistant has hired high-profile attorney Jose Baez.

It's video that's hard to watch. A bus aide slapping a child with autism not once but multiple times on June 3.

"I don't think anyone can watch that without getting upset," Baez said.

Aide seen on video slapping child on school bus resigns

Baez says he is now representing the Lamb family and their son, Jeffrey, in hopes to stop anything like this from happening again.

"What we've recovered so far is that the monitoring only takes place when there's some kind of an incident," Baez said.

VIDEO: Full interview with Jose Baez


He believes that the cameras on buses should be monitored more closely.

Mom wants answers after bus aide slaps son

"If we're trusting people to watch are children somebody should be watching them," Baez said.

But according to the Pasco County School District, there's no way that can be done.

"We have 400 buses we don't have enough power to review every video on the bus," said Linda Cobbe, spokesman for the school district..

Baez says the school district has failed when it comes to monitoring students and worries that there could be more victims like Jeffrey.

"No one would feel comfortable slapping a child with special needs if they knew they were being monitored," Baez said.

Baez also wants to know if the county's bus aides have adequate training.

James Lambert's letter of resignation (PDF)


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