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Mom claims child was left at Pasco bus stop | News

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Mom claims child was left at Pasco bus stop

Land O' Lakes, Florida — A mother claims her son was left waiting at the bus stop for more than an hour.

Melissa Vega put her 10-year-old son, Jayden, on the bus for summer school Tuesday morning, something she says didn't happen just the day before.

"Yesterday he sat at this bus stop for an hour and a half in the heat and the bus never showed up," said Vega.

The mother of two says she dropped Jayden off at the bus stop at 8:05 Monday morning, expecting the bus to be there by 8:20.

"My neighbor drove by and happened to see him sitting there still and he was wondering what was going on," said Vega.

Vega explains that when she called the school about her concerns the principal offered up a temporary fix. One of the things the school proposed moving the bus stop to the corner of Helmel Court and Bellericay Lane which is much closer to the previous bus stop.

But Melissa said that's not good enough.

We took her concerns straight to the Pasco County School District. They were not able to go on camera but told 10 News, "The driver says she was 10 minutes behind and no one was at the stop when she arrived at about 8:31 a.m."

"I asked that they please give me a call if the bus is going to be running late. They said that's not their practice," said Vega.

Today, the bus arrived about 10 minutes late, the same thing the bus driver says happened yesterday.

In the meantime, a spokesperson also told 10 News that they encourage parents to stay with their young children at their bus stops until the bus arrives.



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