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Why do they call it that: Holiday, Florida | News

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Why do they call it that: Holiday, Florida

You've heard of bank holidays. But what about a bank that created a holiday? It's the perfect season for the story behind the name of Holiday, Florida.

Why do they call it Holiday?

Banks. They decide whether you can buy your dream home. Some people say they decide what bills Congress passes.

And 45 years ago, bankers at a board room table decided this community would one day call itself Holiday.

In the 1960's, the folks at -- deep breath -- the First Federal Savings and Loan Association of Tarpon Springs were planning a new branch office.

It would be north of Tarpon Springs, but south of New Port Richey. It was an area of West Pasco County with plenty of people but, umm, no name.

So bank president Bill Boyd pulled out a map and perused some of the street names here looking for inspiration.

Thankfully, he did not take a liking to streets like Lomi Lomi Drive, Speck Drive, or Reggie Drive (even though we're sure 10 News' own Reginald Roundtree would have loved it).

The street name that eventually caught his eye? Holiday Drive!

The bankers thought the "Holiday Branch" had a nice ring to it. So they stuck it on their building and started pushing everyone in the growing community to use that name to refer to the area.

It caught on, with the help of some up-front marketing. The bank handed out a thousand front license plates proudly proclaiming Holiday, Florida!

Eventually, the post office started using Holiday -- and the unofficial name had become official.

The joyful name has lasted to today. In fact, it has lasted longer than the bank.

The First Federal -- whatever you wanna call it -- was bought out by another savings and loan in 1987. It no longer exists.

Why do they call it that? Now you know.

Big thanks to Jeff Miller of the West Pasco Historical Society and Pasco history website fivay.org for his research into this seasonal story!

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