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Man pretends to be a cop to get discounted donuts | Weird

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Man pretends to be a cop to get discounted donuts

Trinity, Florida -- Pasco County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested a man for impersonating a cop and flashing his gun improperly while demanding a discount on his donuts and coffee.

48-year-old Charles "Chuck" Barry was arrested on Tuesday.

At the New Port Richey Dunkin Donuts off of 10829 State Road 54, employees captured video surveillance of Barry flashing what deputies say was his late father's retired police badge from New Jersey.

"He told the drive-thru employee that he was a cop then showed him his gun on his hip and said, 'See I'm a cop!'" said Captain James Mallo.

The first recorded instance happened on November 6th, then again the next few days afterwards.

Mallo said Barry used the badge several times to get the discount. Finally, the Dunkin Donuts manger went to Captain Mallo and asked if deputies solicit discounts.

"I told her no we do not ask for discounts," said Mallo.

She told Captain Mallo Barry usually arrives between 9:30-9:50 a.m. in the mornings. She also wrote down his license plate number.

The deputies set up a traffic stop and arrested Barry. He had the badge on him and a .38 caliber gun.

"He said he was sorry and started crying," said Captain Mallo. "He made a big mistake."

Sheriff Chris Nocco admitted it was comical that all Barry wanted was a discount on donuts and coffee, but said this raises a bigger problem.

"These people who impersonate law enforcement officers, they are in a fantasy world," said Sheriff Nocco. "There is definitely something not right with them. They have issues. The fact that it's Dunkin Donuts today, what's tomorrow? Is he going to pull somebody over?"

Sheriff Nocco said he was pleased with Dunkin Donuts asking them for help and questioning Barry.

"I encourage businesses to ask us to see our badge if they are suspicious," said Sheriff Nocco.

Barry also allegedly called himself a U.S. Air Marshall to the Dunkin Donuts workers.

He was arrested on charges of impersonating a law enforcement officer and improper exhibition of a firearm. 

Dunkin Donuts said the discount they were giving Barry was 20 percent, and sometimes he even brought his family with him on weekends. 

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