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10 News anchors eat dog poop? | Weird

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10 News anchors eat dog poop?

ST. PETERSBURG, Florida -- "It all comes out, obviously, uniquely," says Lloyd Monds. The Pasco County entrepreneur will be glad to show you his poop. Yes, he made his poop. In fact, it's his new weekly duty.

"It's starting to pick up. I joked in the beginning business was constipated," Lloyd laughed, but now he says his work is becoming much more regular. "We aim to be #1 in the #2 business."

"Here's the big dump. It has green coconut in it to look like grass. It also has pecans or walnuts. This is the pudge's fudge... the dog poo," Lloyd describes his varieties of dog poop-looking products. His most creative? "The Mulligan" with grassy poo and a golf ball made of white chocolate.

Despite the appearance, "Really! It's fudge!" That's also name of Lloyd's venture out of Land O' Lakes - a unique fudge-making operation now shipping across the country.

"You have to actually check off when you buy the stuff... there's an agreement you're not going to use it for revenge," Lloyd told us, but we asked if a good joke was alright. "Yes!" he laughed back.

So, with his permission, we got down to "business" carrying Lloyd's poop fudge around 10 News. We caught up first with anchor Heather Van Nest who asked, "I've been naughty this year?" Credit to Heather, though, she sniffed out the fudge immediately!

"I have 'chocolate-dar!' What woman does not notice that that is not chocolate?"

Next up, we surprised Heather's co-anchor, Reginald Roundtree, during a commercial break. We told him a viewer brought it to the station.

"Did somebody really drop this off?" Reggie asked.

"Yeah, you've been bad," Heather responded. In the end, Reggie wouldn't touch it, making Heather eat the first bite.

For my efforts, Lloyd Monds presented me with a diploma. "Since you've been such a sport about playing pranks on everyone around the station, I want to give you this degree in 'funology' from the University of Southern Fudge... where the fudge truly comes from the southern region!"

To find out more about Lloyd's fudge and how to buy some, visit reallyitsfudge.com.

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