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5 teens accused in attack over pot plant

HOLIDAY, Florida (AP) - Police say five Pasco County teens face multiple charges in an attack on their neighbors over a home-grown marijuana plant.

According to police, three boys and two girls broke into a Holiday home Friday evening and dragged a woman out of the home. When a man ran out to help her, police say they beat him with a baseball bat and metal pipe.

Pasco Sheriff's spokesman Doug Tobin says the teens believed the man had stolen their pot plant.

Police: Man fights son with machete over job

Land O' Lakes, Florida -- It was not an ordinary day for the employees at NAPA Auto Parts in Land O' Lakes on Sept. 28. 

Deputies say Paul Brock Jr. was riding past the store on his bicycle when he saw his son's truck in the parking lot and stopped in front of it.

His son got out of the truck and was confronted by his father who pulled a machete out from his bike's basket and hit his son in the wrist three times.

Police: Man exposes himself to 14-year-old

Zephyrhills, Florida -- A man sitting on a public bench outside the city's tourist club was arrested after a witness reportedly saw him expose himself to a child.

Pasco Sheriff's deputies say 47-year-old John Warman was sitting on the bench with the 14-year-old in front of the Zephyrhills Tourist Club when he allegedly exposed himself in a lewd manner and "waved it around."

A witness on break outside the club saw what happened and called police to report the incident. Warman denied the accusation.

He was arrested and charged with Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition.

Strange shoplifting lands woman in jail

Holiday, Florida - Watchful loss prevention workers in a Sweetbay supermarket in Holiday noticed that after this woman took some items off of the store's shelves, instead of taking them through the checkout line to pay, she put them in her purse.

Janet Dollinger, 50, was stopped outside the store where a six-pack of Budweiser, Vagisil, and some Alka-Seltzer were found in her purse. Loss prevention workers detained her until the Pasco County Sheriff's deputies arrived.

Police: Man beats girlfriend over tardy dinner

Zephyrhills, Florida -- Police were called out to a Zephyrhills home after a man reportedly beat his girlfriend because his dinner was late.

When deputies arrived at the home in the 3800 block of Remora Avenue around 4:15 Tuesday afternoon, the woman told them 70-year-old James Davis hit her multiple times in the head and face "because she did not make dinner at the appropriate time".

When the deputy saw the injuries to her face, Davis was arrested and charged with Domestic Battery.

The pair have lived together for about 12 years.

Man calls 911, complains about emergency responders

New Port Richey, Florida -- A man who didn't like the way police or fire rescue did their job when he called them apparently thought 911 was the number to call to complain.

Pasco County deputies originally responded to Benjamin Press' home in the 7400 block of Pulsar Street after a call about a battery incident. When they arrived, Press reportedly yelled at them, "You guys are f---ing late. You suck at your job so get the f--- off my property."

Police: Man shoots dog with flare gun

Port Richey, Florida -- A man faces animal cruelty and aggravated assault charges after police say he threatened two people with a flare gun and shot their dog in the leg.

The two men told deputies 28-year-old Christopher Aquilino pulled an orange flare gun from his pocket and pointed it at them while they were in his home in the 7100 block of Mayfield Street. When one of them fled the home, Aquilino chased him and shot the man's dog in its hind leg, causing a 1-inch burn.