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''I'm wasted, ya got me!''

Holiday, Florida -- A man who obviously doesn't know how to call a cab was busted for the fifth time for driving under the influence Tuesday night.

According to his arrest report, 42-year-old Jimmy Williams was seen drinking a can of Busch beer as he drove by a Pasco County Sheriff's deputy on Baillies Bluff Drive around 10 p.m.

Bay area hosts another convention... this one for nudists

LUTZ, Florida -- Tampa Bay is hosting a big convention, with people coming in town from all across the country.

But it's not what you're thinking.

A national nudist convention started Monday in Lutz. At the 81st annual American Association of Nude Recreation Convention, there's no need to dress to impress.

"I've never seen so many people with such beautiful eyes, because you find yourself making eye contact most of the time," said Mark Hammond of Michigan.

Man arrested for flying plane while drunk

FORT PIERCE, Florida (AP) - Authorities say a Bay area man has been arrested for flying a plane while drunk.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office says a helicopter pilot reported seeing a plane flying very low and repeatedly trying to land early Sunday morning. After the single-engine plane landed, a Florida Highway Patrol trooper questioned the 36-year-old pilot, David Wayne King, and said he smelled alcohol on his breath.

Pasco woman jailed for selling friend's parrot

PORT RICHEY, Florida (AP) - When Martha Herbenthal was being hauled off to the Pasco County Jail, authorities say she asked 32-year-old Stephanie Edgell to watch her Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot named Buddy.

But the Tampa Bay Times reports the bird was gone when Herbenthal returned home June 24. Edgell told her Buddy "flew out the window."

Herbenthal didn't believe her. Her hunch was right.

Best/Worst Pet Paparazzi pic yet! (Warning: It may offend)

Best/Worst Pet Paparazzi pic yet! (Warning: It may offend)

"Bruno thinks he's a man...a man with no manners but still a man", says his owner Tony Jimenez of Lutz.

Tony submitted this Pet Paparazzi pic to our 10 News Morning Show crew and it was the talk of the newsroom Monday afternoon.

While maybe not in the best taste, this should undoubtedly brighten everyone's day for a brief moment...and who doesn't deserve a good laugh?!

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Park attendant steals from youth league concession

Park attendant steals from youth league concession

San Antonio, Florida -- A park attendant with Pasco County Parks & Rec was caught on surveillance camera stealing from a youth league concession stand on at least least four times occasions.

A detective set up the hidden camera at the San Antonio Dixie Youth League concession stand after they noticed about $1,000 worth or merchandise was missing.

The camera caught Christopher Hanson, of Spring Hill, entering the stand while it was closed and stealing various food and drinks.

Teacher makes students wear ''cone of shame''

Zephyrhills, Florida -- A Pasco County school teacher is in trouble for putting a cone intended for pets around her students' necks.

Called Elizabethan collars, they are meant to be put around the heads of dogs and cats to keep them from chewing on themselves after they have surgery.

According to a school district investigation, Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp -- a science teacher at Zephyrhills High School -- last month put a cone on at least eight students.