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Photo Gallery | Armadillo rescued from storm drain

While New Port Richey resident Christa Kantner was taking a morning walk she heard water splashing from deep inside of a roadside storm drain. 

As she peered in, she discovered a trapped armadillo swimming frantically trying to get out. She immediately called the Pasco County Fire Marshall’s office and asked for help. The Fire Marshall’s Office sent Pasco County Animal Control and the Fire Department to rescue the armadillo. 

After opening the manhole, a catch pole was lowered and the cable was secured around the animal. Within minutes the armadillo was pulled out to safety. Even though the animal was tired from swimming all night long, it slowly crept away, happy to be on dry ground.

As Floridians, we live our daily lives very close to wild animals. Every now and then, our paths cross in very strange ways. It’s nice to know that our county professionals are there to rescue all types of animals, even creatures of the night.

Story and pictures sent to 10 News by Christa Kantner.

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