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Walgreens - 7827 Land O Lakes Blvd. Land O Lakes, FL 34638 | Health & Beauty

Walgreens - 7827 Land O Lakes Blvd. Land O Lakes, FL 34638
7827 Land O Lakes Blvd.
Land O Lakes, FL 34638
Walgreens - 7827 Land O Lakes Blvd. Land O Lakes, FL 34638

About Us

Walgreens - 7827 Land O Lakes Blvd. Land O Lakes, FL 34638

At Walgreens we pride ourselves in providing our community with only the highest quality pharmaceuticals, beauty products, home medical supplies, eye-care supplies, vitamins and supplements, seasonal gifts, and friendly customer service.

Walgreens' Mission Statement

Our Vision:

To be “My Walgreens” for everyone in America—the first choice in health and daily living … owning the strategic territory of “well.”

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Our Mission:

To be the most trusted, convenient multichannel provider and advisor of innovative pharmacy, health and wellness solutions, and consumer goods and services in communities across America. A destination where health and happiness come together to help people get well, stay well and live well.

Our Values

  • Based on the principles upon which Walgreens was founded more than a century ago:
  • Honesty, trust, and integrity with our customers, our shareholders, suppliers, the communities we serve, and among ourselves.
  • Quality through consistent and reliable service, advice, and products across every touchpoint and channel.
  • Caring, compassionate and driven to delivering a great customer and patient experience through outstanding service and a desire for healthy outcomes.
  • A strong community commitment and presence built through service, expertise, and the personal engagement of every Walgreen team member.

Additional Information

Company Overview

Founded in 1901, Walgreens provides the most convenient access to consumer goods and services, and pharmacy, health and wellness services, in America. The company has recorded 36 consecutive years of record sales.

Walgreens is taking steps to ensure the company’s continued success in the face of a weakening economy. We are transforming into a more efficient and customer-focused company, both for drugstore customers and for patients and payers seeking quality pharmacy, health and wellness services that are accessible and affordable.


•Open 24 hours
•Digital photo pickup
•Printer cartridge refills
•Pharmacy drive-thru
•Online ordering
•Redbox DVD rental
•Film roll processing

Payment Types Accepted



Flu shots available all day, no appointments required, walk-ins welcome.*
Want to speed up check in? Fill out the flu vaccine form and bring it with you on the day of your visit.
Health Tests ** Now available every day!
Full Cholesterol Panel Test $35
Total Cholesterol and HDL Test $30
Blood Glucose Test $20
A1C Test $35


Walgreens Lends Assistance to Disaster Relief Efforts Across the Southeast
Water and medical supplies donated to shelters, first responders to help those impacted by severe storms and tornadoes

Walgreens Introduces Daily Testing for Cholesterol, Blood Glucose and A1C
Prior testing at Walgreens and Take Care Clinics shows more than half of participants with high blood pressure readings and more than 20 percent at risk for diabetes


24/7. I fill all my scripts here and they are fast! Tons of random junk, only place open on Christmas day other then hospitals AND they always have fresh flowers! Everything is pretty cheap here except any real food. Chips are cheap but butter is not. Other then that, I highly recommend this Walgreens as a first stop on holidays! --- Rebecca N.
I shop for certain things here after I get off work because I can't afford them otherwise. Irony, yes? Their beer is way cheap, the TP is cheap but what I like is the staff. Most are young kids who can't sell alcohol but they are polite, well-mannered and fun to chat with. Some of them come over to my store for lunch. --- Michael S.
I brought my son in on a Sunday to the Take Care Clinic for a school physical. Excellent one on one care. I will use them again. --- Jp. M.


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