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Florida Landscape Artists exhibit | Arts & Culture

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Florida Landscape Artists exhibit
Florida Landscape Artists exhibit

New Port Richey, Florida -- If you enjoy true Florida art, here's a chance for to take a look at some special landscape artists during an upcoming exhibit.

The Florida Landscape Artists are a small collective of painters who work in various mediums including oil, pastel, watercolor and pen & ink.

The free exhibit is taking place Wednesday, Feb. 20 at noon at 6231 Grand Blvd in New Port Richey.

In addition to working in their own studios, they have been painting together on location for several years.

The artists first met, and continue to paint together weekly as part of the group, West Coast Plein Air, a local chapter of the statewide organization Plein Air Florida.

The artists who make up the Florida Landscape Artists are all active working artists in their own communities, which range from Clearwater in the south to Brooksville in the north.

The artists of the group include: Eva Allen, Phoebe Chidester, Jenna Star Friedman, Rhonda Hancock, Anneke Hulstein, Lynnette Vaughan and Jana Withers.

Viewers of their work will notice, in addition to the varying mediums, differences in the paintings' style, color, and composition.

Yet there is cohesiveness as well, that can be defined by the artists' love for their subject matter - the natural beauty of Florida's landscape. The actual locations of the paintings are also often recognized by viewers as they are based on local scenes in nearby areas.

Like many of us who have lived in Florida for any amount of time, The Florida Landscape Artists have witnessed the loss of many of our natural surroundings to hastily and poorly thought-out methods of dealing with development and population growth. As more and more areas are replaced by parking lots, strip malls, condos, and other signs of ever-encroaching development, the Florida Landscape

Artists are united in their common bond of wanting to record in art their interpretations of the landscape around them. They hope that others enjoy their paintings of Florida's wondrous beauty.

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