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Waitress rips off customers with credit card skimmer | Crime

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Waitress rips off customers with credit card skimmer
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Waitress rips off customers with credit card skimmer

Port Richey, Florida -- At least nine customers at the Port Richey Mugs N Jugs fell victim to a credit card skimming waitress, according to Pasco County Sheriff's Detectives.

"We do have more victims, we're working on locating them," said Detective John Suess. He's encouraging anyone who went to the restaurant to take a close look at their credit card accounts to see if there are fraudulent charges.

The case is centered on 25-year-old waitress, Kathryn Shana'e Perez.

It's believed she used the tiny skimming device between May 30 and June 23.

"During the interview, she identified the people she skimmed were the ones that ran her around, made her work real hard," said Detective Suess. "Maybe she's scared of a hard day's work."

Detectives say her cousin, 25-year-old Brandon Quillen gave her the skimmer so he could use the information she ripped off from her customers to make new credit cards.

The new, fraudulent cards were then given to Quillen's ex-girlfriend, 22-year-old Rebecca Pixton who used the cards to buy more than $5,000 worth of stuff from Radio Shack's around the area and Wal-Mart, according to investigators.

The stuff she bought, was then sold for cash which arrest reports say she gave to Quillen.

For the victims, it was a violation of their privacy and trust.

'I definitely find myself paying with cash more," one of the skimming victims, Denise Remington, told 10 News.

She says her bank account was nearly depleted by the fraudsters, "One charge was over $1,500, one was over $1,200 and I think the other one was almost $1,000."

Another victim, Mario Cucciniello says fraudulent charges were racked up on his wife's credit card, "I'm gonna have to get rid of my credit cards as soon as I can, because you can't trust anybody anymore."

He says he's still working with the credit card company to be reimbursed. Remington says her bank has since given her money back.

But once she noticed the money was missing, she knew right away who it was.

"She couldn't look you in the face when she waited on you, she didn't greet you, she took a long time to come back to the table, she didn't say thank you," explained Remington, who once worked in a bank's fraud department and knew of the signs to look for.

It's habit, she says, to check her account balance every day.

"Watch your bank account, be alert of where you use it," she advised others.

If you think you were a victim of this credit card skimming scheme, call Pasco County Sheriff's detectives at 1-800-854-2862 ext. 7488.

Perez, Quillen and Pixton face multiple charges, including fraudulent use of a credit card.

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