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Local trainer explains why exercise boosts brain function | Health

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Local trainer explains why exercise boosts brain function
Local trainer explains why exercise boosts brain function

Lutz, Florida -- It’s a well-known fact that fitness greatly benefits our physical health. Now a new international study shows that regular exercise is also instrumental in maintaining a healthy brain and sharp mind. 

The findings of this study, conducted by researchers in Paris and at the Harvard School of Public Health and published in the July 25 print edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine, are not exactly surprising, says Samantha Taylor, a personal trainer at Pure Health & Fitness Studios in Lutz, FL. 

“The positive effects of exercise on our brain have been borne out by other studies,” says the trainer who serves Hillsborough and Pasco counties. “However, this newest research not only confirms previous findings, but also adds some new ones: a strong link between regular physical fitness and lower rates of mental decline in older adults, even those who already have a history of heart disease or stroke, or at least three risk factors for those conditions.”

What this means, Taylor notes, is that even people who are not totally healthy can still boost their brain power and significantly reduce the chance of mental impairment if they start exercising. 

“A sharper, clearer mind means a better attention span, memory, communication and motor skills, abstract reasoning and thought process in general, judgment, and decision-making ability – all the mental functions that tend to decline as we get older,” Taylor says. “All that translates into a better quality of life for much longer.”  

How does exercise help keep our brains healthy and sharp? 

There are several factors at play here, Taylor points out. 

“It helps the heart pump more blood, which carries oxygen and glucose, providing energy to all the body’s vital organs and muscles – including your brain,” she says. 

Any exercise program that boosts blood flow to and in the brain will be beneficial in keeping all our mental faculties focused and sharp, Taylor notes. 

“A brisk, fast-paced workout that gets your heart rate up will increase blood circulation to the brain, improving all the cognitive abilities as we age,” Taylor says. “There are many routines to choose from and your trainer can advise you. Just remember that the effects of a regular fitness program on your brain are – no pun intended – truly mind-boggling!


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