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Sinkhole swallows half of Hudson home | News

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Sinkhole swallows half of Hudson home

Hudson, Florida -- Neighbors are worried they could be next after a sinkhole swallowed half of a house in Pasco County.

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A Bay Area woman can't wake up in her own home Thursday morning after a sizable sinkhole started swallowing it Wednesday afternoon.

At last check, the pit with sloping sides measured 20 by 40 feet across.

The woman, who lives on Shoal Drive in Hudson's Beacon Point neighborhood, wasn't home when the sinkhole tore her house in two. She came back from running an errand to discover the damage.

Officials told her to get out -- and she may never set foot inside her home again. 
The back bedroom, the bathroom and the Florida room now sit in a 20 by 40 foot sinkhole. Crumpled wood and metal jut up into the air from the ground.

Through the new opening, you can see right into the remaining part of the house. A chair, coffee table, and lamp all sit there in place as if nothing happened.

Government and utility crews immediately cordoned off the house. They slapped "condemned stickers" on the front.

Workers cut off the power and water hook-ups and warned people to stay clear.

A few other houses nearby here in the Beacon Point neighborhood have not been affected so far.

But the folks who live in them have been told to evacuate for their safety.

One of those neighbors talked with 10 News Wednesday night. He said what he sees of the already-crumbling house next door when he comes back in the morning will make all the difference for him.

"If that house is still standing tomorrow, I'm not going to worry about this one. If that goes down, I'm going to start sweating," Dave Taylor said.

Neighbors are nervous because sinkholes can expand unpredictably or show up in groups.

Inspections of the ground are expected to continue at the scene Thursday as crews work to figure out just how big this hungry hole is going to end up being.

The elderly woman who lives in the half-collapsed house is staying with her sister right now.


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