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Men shot after break in at Land O' Lakes home | News

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Men shot after break in at Land O' Lakes home

Land O' Lakes, Florida-- Crime tape and cop cars encircle the   Culdesac of cottages and mobile homes after two masked men were shot at point blank range.  

Cops say the two busted into the cottage as thugs, but left as victims.

"This was a foiled home invasion robbery attempt. Two men wearing masks entered the cottage with a fake gun. A visitor in the home heard the commotion and fired on the suspects- hitting both of them multiple times in the chest," explained Pasco County Sheriff's Office PIO Kevin Doll. "The suspects ran from the residence and collapsed in the sidewalk."

The two men lay there writhing on the sidewalk riddled with bullets. 

Two women who were driving by heard their frantic cries for help and slammed on their brakes.

"I know one of the bullet holes was clean through, and I kept pressure on the wound to try and stop the bleeding," said Danielle Rubio.

"I saw a gun, and I said 'somebody move that gun' because it was by his hand and I was afraid he could pick it up again and shoot somebody," said Jennifer Price.

One neighbor inside her home heard the shots. 

"It sounded like an artillery shell exploded, then it sounded like someone set off black cats."

A picture taken by residents of the culdesac and sent to 10 News shows the bloody clothes cut off the suspects by medics, and the fake gun they tried to pass off as real. 

Both suspects were taken to the hospital in serious condition.

No one inside the house was injured. 

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