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Road Warrior gets results for a Pasco neighborhood | News

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Road Warrior gets results for a Pasco neighborhood

Port Richey, Florida -- Last October, Port Richey resident Ed Kadar contacted me about his street's desperate need for speed bumps because of reckless drivers using it to cut from one major road to another.

So, we visited Mark Twain Lane and implored Pasco County to consider his case and his street's inability to pay the steep, roughly $16,000 fee for installation.

While the county refused to foot the bill for the speed bumps, an anonymous donor saw Ed's story and stepped forward to cover the complete cost for purchase and install.

However, even though the funds become available, Ed's request still had to go before the Pasco County Board of Commissioners for approval. After roughly seven months, the speed bumps have finally been installed, and Ed can rest easier when he sees children playing in their yards.

Ed's concern is one of many similar neighborhood safety issues brought to my attention by Pasco County residents, so I will be looking into what can be done to make your residential streets safer quicker and more effectively.

Ed was advised that speed bumps often lead to more issues immediately after installation due to driver confusion and attempts to by-pass them all together. We'll be keeping an eye on that on Mark Twain Lane over the next few weeks.

If you have road issues you would like me to take on, send me an email at roadwarrior@wtsp.com, and i will work on getting answers for you.‚Äč


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