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Deputies finally catch loose kangaroo

Pasco County, Florida -- A kangaroo on the run since Saturday has been caught. 

The Pasco Sheriff's Office captured it after chasing it for more than a day.

The 5-foot, 200 pound kangaroo was spotted around Mickler Road in Lacoochee. Reportedly, its owners have not been found.

A family living along Mickler road does own a kangaroo farm, although they have not claimed the kangaroo as their own.

After the lengthy chase through Lacoochee, the kangaroo is being held in a pen at Cumber Road while deputies look for the owner. 

Cops: Man arrested after mooning neighbors

Holiday, Florida -- A Holiday man got so angry at his neighbors Saturday morning he reportedly decided to moon them as a way to visualize how they could "kiss [his] drug-dealing a--".

Pasco Sheriff's deputies say 25-year-old Nicholas Pasvantis got into an argument with at least three neighbors he said were taking pictures of vehicles that were coming and going from a home two doors down from his home on Chickadee Drive.

Man doused in drain cleaner during fight

Zephyrhills, Florida -- A fight between two people resulted in one being doused in drain cleaner and the other taken to jail Friday afternoon.

Pasco Sheriff's deputies say 34-year-old Lawanda Jenkins and the man who they share two children with were arguing. At some point during the argument, Jenkins doused him on his back and lower legs with drain cleaner which contains sulfuric acid.

Deputies reported the man suffered from spotting consistent with acid burn on his left lower leg due to the acid burning holes through the back of his shorts.

Deputies: Extremely drunk woman tries biting, spitting on them

Holiday, Florida -- Pasco County deputies say a woman who nearly caused several crashes was so intoxicated, a breath test showed she was over twice the legal limit.

Deputies were told a witness nearly wrecked twice due to 27-year-old Krystle Lynn Engler's erratic driving.  Witnesses were able to make Engler stop, at which time she allegedly got into a verbal argument that nearly became physical.  

Engler tried to drive away, but the witnesses were able to take away her keys and have her wait until deputies arrived.

Cops: Man hits girlfriend with donuts during fight

Port Richey, Florida -- A 68-year-old man was arrested at a Port Richey Walmart after he reportedly hit his girlfriend with a box of donuts.

Police were called to the Walmart store on US 19 after Charles Cook's girlfriend said he picked up a box of white powdered donuts and hit her in the face with it during an argument.

During an interview with the responding deputy, Cook admitted to hitting her with the donuts and was arrested and charged with domestic battery.

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Woman throws beer bottle at parade float

New Port Richey, Florida -- A woman out watching the Chasco Parade in downtown New Port Richey ended the celebration in jail Saturday.

Twenty-two-year-old Paris Frederick reportedly threw a 40 oz. beer bottle at a passing float right in front of an officer while watching the parade on Central Avenue and Circle Street. 

When the officer approached her, she spontaneously said her boyfriend was on the float and was supposed to be home. 

She was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct.

Possibly two different flashers in Pasco County

New Port Richey, Florida - He's accused of doing dirty deeds on buses, the library, a Dollar General, a RaceTrac gas station and even up against a homeowner's sliding glass door.

And Pasco County detectives believe the mystery man riding the bus and exposing himself could possibly be a second person.

"We are looking into that possibility," Sheriff Chris Nocco told 10 News on Wednesday.

He is an African-American man, roughly in his 30s.  Multiple surveillance images have been released.