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Melanie Michael
Morning Anchor/Reporter

You'll see me every morning on 10 News News This Morning anchoring the headlines and delivering breaking news updates. Joining the 10 News news team and moving to Tampa was the best decision I've ever made. I love it here!

My career has been a wonderful ride with stories and adventures that have taken me all over the U.S. and the world. I moved to Tampa from Las Vegas where I was an anchor and reporter, covering stories including the Virginia Tech massacre, the arrest and prosecution of O.J. Simpson, the Darren Mack trial and the NBA All-Star Game. I also had the pleasure of broadcasting live from the Las Vegas Strip on New Year's Eve every year. That's a sight to see!

I also worked in Detroit for six years at FOX as a reporter and anchor. I must say, working in Detroit was cold, but very exciting. As a news town, it was always busy. I was nominated for an Emmy while there for Best Deadline Writing. I traveled with both George Bush & Al Gore on the campaign trail during the 2000 Presidential Election. I also profiled First Lady Laura Bush in a special series, along with Theresa Heinz Kerry. I spent many freezing days outside covering the Northwest Airlines strike, International Labor talks with the auto companies, the Jack Kevorkian trial, and the re-opening of the Jimmy Hoffa investigation.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the state of Louisiana, after attending LSU and working in New Orleans as a reporter and anchor. What a city! My favorite story there, by far, was covering the death of Princess Diana in both London and Paris, which culminated in a 3-part series. My favorite holiday was, of course, Mardi Gras. I broadcasted live every year from Bourbon Street doing countless live shots. I also covered the Jazz & Heritage festival every year and loved it!

While working in New Orleans, I traveled across Honduras and Central America to profile the Honduran population during the hurricane season, specifically focusing on Hurricane Mitch, in addition to reporting extensively across the Gulf Coast. I've also reported on AIDS in South Africa while traveling through that region.

My focus here in Tampa is crime reporting. I have a passion for the cases I profile and the families that I speak with each week. We want to help bring these families some peace and have their voices heard, while assisting law enforcement in bringing criminals to justice. I currently serve on the Crime Stoppers board and enjoy working closely with the Police Departments and Sheriff's Offices throughout the Bay area. You'll see my exclusive Crime Stoppers segment every Friday night during 10 News News at 11:00.

Another passion I have is for family. They are truly the most important part of my life. Sadly, they all live far away -- from Barcelona, Spain to Texas. I spend a lot of my off-time on planes which works out well because I love traveling. No place is too far or too strange. I have traveled extensively throughout Asia, the Middle East, South Africa, Europe and Mexico. I am a certified diver and love the beach. You'll hear me asking our morning meteorologist the same question every day, "Is today a beach day?" Living in the Bay area is a blessing, and I enjoy connecting with our viewers each day.

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